Ward 4 Education Alliance Candidate Forum

The Ward 4 Education Alliance Candidate Forum facilitated thoughtful dialogue about priorities and opportunities before all of us.

The complexity of our education landscape requires a diverse skill set, an appreciation for where we’ve been as a city, and a clear vision of where we are going. I shared how my experience prepares me to represent the children, families, and educators on the State Board of Education.

Highlights from the conversation:

On Engaging Parents and the Community

As a school leader, I designed and piloted multiple strategies to increase parent engagement, which I’ll use to engage our families in education decisions and discussions.

  • First Cup Coffee Chats. Casual, drop-in style meetings with no formal agenda except to catch up on important events.

  • Parent Newsletters. Succinct, easy-to-digest one-pagers with helpful insights on child development, school happenings, and opportunities to volunteer.

  • Partnerships with community. Extended local businesses and community groups invitations to school events.

On Promoting Teacher and Leader Retention

Inspiring principals and colleagues motivated me to dedicate nearly ten amazing years working directly in schools, first as a teacher, then as a school leader. It is imperative that our next chancellor establishes a culture of love, respect, and support for our teachers, principals, and school staff.

What does that look like?

  • Publicly stating that our traditional public schools will be places where teachers are loved and respected.

  • Prioritizing teacher retention and professional growth by seeking teachers’ input on what influences their decisions to remain, then do follow through sincerely on their suggestions.

On Policies that Advance Equity

I am a candidate for the State Board of Education to promote policies that dismantle structural racism in our school system, and create a system that serves all students.

I support:

  • Attendance policies that fairly promote school-going cultures, and are not overly burdensome to school staff.

  • Graduation requirements that offer multiple pathways to school completion.

On the Masters Facilities Plan

I understand first-hand the importance of modern, well-equipped facilities. The Master Facilities Plan must be grounded in a commitment to equitable resources for all students. How is this relevant to Ward 4?

  • New North MS and Coolidge HS. I am fully committed to supporting a successful, on-time opening of the New North Middle School, and Coolidge High School. Over the last several months, I’ve met with community members and DCPS leadership, and participated in building walk-throughs to understand the new physical lay-out and programming.

Our ward faces a myriad of complex issues and requires a member with the right complement of experiences: teaching and learning, parent engagement, and school operations, among other.

I am proud that my professional experience uniquely prepares me to represent the children, families, and educators of Ward 4.