Message in the Petworth News Blog

The Petworth News Blog profiled candidates for the Ward 4 State Board of Education Election


I am a native Washingtonian, daughter of a public school teacher, and graduate of public schools.

I began my career teaching high school history to inspire and prepare young Washingtonians to serve their communities. I am proud to see them lead organizations, start their own businesses, and become parents.

Most recently, I served children, families, and teachers as an elementary school leader in Anacostia. During morning greeting, recess duties, staff meetings, and family events, I learned important values: listening to families, responding immediately to educators' needs, and maintaining a focus on what's best for kids. After six years in school leadership, I joined EdOps to support local schools.

Outside of work, I mentor with Capital Partners for Education, serve on the board of the Manor Park Citizens Association, and advocate for women and girls' education. "

Children's learning is my first priority. As a member of the State Board of Education, I will focus on elevating parents' voices in education policy, promoting access to high quality instruction for all children through teacher retention and leader development, and ensuring safe travel to modern schools.

Petworth is home to an array of great schools, and a community focused on making them even better. I am excited to work with families to expand access to early childhood and dual-language programs, and to support the West ES community as it prepares for renovation.

The above priorities are elements of a long term vision for our ward: to restore community trust in public schools; to advocate the city council to invest aggressively in all neighborhood schools; and to collaborate with all stakeholders to develop a long-term vision for all of our schools. Through my term as State Board member, we will create the school system our children deserve."

Schools have the potential to honor every child's innate gifts. We must commit our resources and energy into supporting all schools equitably. I have a diversity of experiences -- instruction, school leadership, community engagement -- appropriate to meet the complexities of the State Board of Education. Complementing this skill set is a heart committed to inspiring every child to love learning.

President Obama said, "Ordinary people can do extraordinary things." I believe him. With a bold vision and urgent action, we achieve results for children in the District of Columbia. Let's do this together.